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05/31/03___The Stats Are Back! MIDI Ring site statistics are finally back and functional. Now you can track your sites performance in the MIDI Ring again. Click the Stats button on the left or follow this link.
10/17/01___Well Yahoo! has dropped it's managing of the WebRing and a new "WebRing.Com" has taken over. Exsisting members have probably received a confusing email about migrating. The MIDI RING has already been migrated. What they are asking you to do is create a new account so that you can magae your site(s) in the web ring system. Your site in the new ring system should be functioning fine. If not, let me know.
___ The new "WebRing" has restored many crucial functions, such as the ability to edit a site's URL in the ring.  If you have any questions or problems please let me know. Thanks for hanging in there with the MIDI Ring!
___ This is where you can check your statistics. Get answers to common questions, find out about new developments in the ring and chat with other midi fans. 

___ Check out the MIDI Utilities page for cool MIDI players, sequencers, programs and other goodies.
MIDI Ring Message Boards
___ Use the MIDI Ring Message board s to discuss any MIDI related topics, ask questions about MIDI or the MIDI Ring, rant, rave or just meet others in the MIDI community. Discuss all the MIDI litigation going on. Give or get help and advice from others.
___ "Is it safe to post MIDI files on my website?" ABSOLUTELY!! However you are dealing with intellectual property and certain precautions should be taken. Visit the " Music Relief Association " for some good tips and info.
The MIDI Ring in national news
_ Imn"The Net" magazine (vol.2 issue 12) did a full page story on WebRings. Out of some 40,000 webrings, they chose only ten premium rings to write about, our's getting a spot at the top of the page! The MIDI Ring logo (the chrome ring from the home page) is displayed at the top of the article next to the review of our ring. 
_ _I've scanned the article , if you care to see it.
Get to know your neighbors!
_ Each month I encourage you to use your Midi Ring fragment and visit the site preceeding and following yours. To insure that you are getting the most out of your Midi Ring membership, make shure that the NEXT and BACK links in their fragment is functioning. Otherwise you are missing hits! If there are ANY problems with the site before or after your's notify me .
The Ring is ALWAYS changing!
_ Every month I change the order (or sequence) of sites in the ring. 
This is done for two reasons:
1. After studying the hit statistics, I place all sites receiving low hits after sites with a large hit count. This gives everyone full and fair benefits of being in this ring.
2. It keeps the ring fresh and interesting for our many ring surfers, especially those that may always start from a paticular ring site.

Refer to the F.A.Q. page for instructions

The MIDI Ring

Title Name/email Website
Manager Ali Lexa UBIK Music Productions
Evaluator Landru Kid's World Midifile Central
Evaluator Gale Bass Rimfire midi music band duo
Evaluator Barry Birchall MIDI Files Online
Evaluator Mac Lynch Bomba y Tunes in New Zealand
Evaluator Pat Darnall ManiNut Music Mania
Evaluator William R. Gates Listen To Our Favorite Music
Founder Dave Schmid The Music Shoppe

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Last update: 31 May  2003